SMPP API Documentation

ViaNett supports the Short Message Peer-to-Peer (SMPP) version 3.4 protocol to exchange messages. SMPP is one of the known telecommunication protocols that are widely used between the SMS peer entities as short message service.  This interface is not available for premium services (mobile payment), but it is transparent to ViaNett's servers.

To send SMS messages

To send  SMS messages via the ViaNett SMPP server, your application needs the following information to establish a connection to the server. Once an SMS message is delivered, a delivery report will be sent back to the sender with relevant information about delivery status.


The following information is required to establish a connection to the ViaNett Server.

Username and password
Your ViaNett username and password. Please contact customer service if you don't have login details.
SMPP Address
Port Number
2775 (use port 3550 for TLS support)
System Type
GWxxx (xxx represents the route you wish to use. Use GW0 for default routing)

Example of Delivery Report

A delivery report informs the sender about the delivery status of an SMS. For example:

id:7407784 sub:001 dlvrd:001 submit date:0603311542 done date:0603311542 stat:DELIVRD err:001 text:GW250 MCC=242 MNC=1

The fields are

Message id.
submit date
The date that the message has been submitted.
done date
Delivery date
Status of the message (delivered or not delivered)
The gateway that the message has been sent through
The mobile country code for the MSISDN
MNC=1 The subscriber's network

Supported commands

ViaNett's SMPP server supports the following commands.


Initiated by the client

Initiated by the client or the server
Initiated by the client (use this to send the messages)

Initiated by the server (delivery reports)

Initiated by the client

More information

For more information on SMPP protocol, visit SMS Forum.
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To contact Sales or  Customer Service please click here.