SMS Billing (Premium / Mobile Payment )

SMS Billing can also be referred to as Premium SMS or Mobile Payment. It's an easy way to charge your customers for your mobile services or your mobile content, or for other digital services.

In some markets, this type of payment method is also available for selling other physical goods and services like for example bus tickets or CDs. This is often referred to as “CPA Goods and Services”.

For both these two areas, the end-user pays by the phone bill for the service that you provide. It means that the operators collect the payment, and you are paid by ViaNett for your share of the payout.

SMS Billing - SMS Payment

With ViaNett Mobile Payment you get:

  • SMS and MMS billing for Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Other countries are available on request.
  • One-time billing when a user has ordered mobile content or pays for a bus ticket, or recurring billing for subscription-based services.
  • Live statistics. From our online statistics tools you will find summaries, or detailed information about every submitted message.
  • More than 10 different interfaces suited for premium services
  • All available countries can be handled with one connection. It is also possible to have multiple connections.
  • The possibility to create sub accounts (excellent if you are a reseller).
  • All price information with revenue share will be delivered together with the delivery reports for each single message.
  • The information with the exact payout numbers will be available at midnight at the end of each month. All details about all messages will be available on your account on this webpage. You can check the details for individual messages, and you will see the revenue share for that specific message.


  • SMS Billing is a way to charge mobile subscribers.
  • The subscriber pays via his or her phone bill for a service you provide. This can be either a one-time billing, when a user has ordered content, or it can be recurring billing with subscription based services.
  • The network operators will normally take the credit risk for the end users, and it’s normally a very easy way to charge the subscribers for your content.
  • From the online statistics tools you will find summaries, or detailed information about every submitted message. You can therefore be confident that revenue payouts will be correct.
  • MMS Billing and WAP Billing are also available.

Available numbers or codes for use by Mobile Payment and 2-way Communication:
To access Mobile Payment, you need access to a shortnumber or shortcode. This can be 4 digits (like in Norway and in Denmark) or 5 digits (in Sweden). Both shared number and dedicated numbers can be offered. A shared number or code gives cheaper access, and for most services is a sufficient solution. For communications only, an international number (10 digits) is an alternative.

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