VB 6.0 code example

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What is VB 6.0?

Visual Basic (VB) is the third-generation event-driven programming language and integrated development environment (IDE) from Microsoft for its COM programming model. VB is also considered a programming language that is relatively easy to learn and use, because of its graphical development features and BASIC heritage.

Read more about Visual Basic 6.0 on Microsoft's resource center.

VB 6.0 Code example

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Private WithEvents mySMSConnection As ViaNett.SMSClient_v2_6
Private Sub Form_Load()
    Set mySMSConnection = New ViaNett.SMSClient_v2_6
    Dim ConnectionOk As Boolean
    ConnectionOk = mySMSConnection.Connect("yap.vianett.no", 31337, txt_username.Text, txt_password.Text)
    if ConnectionOk= false then
                MsgBox "Connection failed when connecting to ViaNett."
                exit sub
    end if
    Dim mySMS As sendSMSType
    mySMS.msgID = mySMSConnection.getNextMsgId
    mySMS.Tel = xxxxxxxxxx
    mySMS.msg = "Hello World"
    Dim SendOk As Boolean
    SendOk = mySMSConnection.sendSMS(mySMS)
    If SendOk Then
        MsgBox "Message with id=" & mySMS.msgID & " is successfully submitted to ViaNett."
        MsgBox "Message with id=" & mySMS.msgID & " failed when submitting to ViaNett."
    End If
End Sub
Sub mySMSConnection_ReceiveMsg(ByRef mySMS As receiveSMSType)
   MsgBox "Message Received: Tlf=" & mySMS.Tel & " msg=" & mySMS.msg
End Sub
Sub mySMSConnection_ReceiveDelivery(ByRef myDelivery As SMSDeliveryType)
    If myDelivery.ok Then
        MsgBox "Delivery: Message with id=" & myDelivery.msgID & " was sent sucessfully. The statuscode was " & myDelivery.ErrorCode
        MsgBox "Delivery: Message with id=" & myDelivery.msgID & " failed. The errorcode was " & myDelivery.ErrorCode
    End If
End Sub

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